2018 Nominees for the Distinguished Educator and
                  School Employee of the Year Award!

Carpentersville Middle Lindsay Wagner Andres Banuelo
deLacey Family Education Center Amy Brittain
Parkview Elementary Katie Stachowicz Pam Krumsee 
Oak Ridge Jeffrey Herman Jacqueline Gilly
Algonquin Lakes Elementary Kari Zeid-Brandstedt Donna Maki
Algonquin Middle Brian Sanford Catherine Hostetler
Eastview Elementary Linda Maher Kim Stevenson 
Dundee Middle Sandy Carrozza Susie Stanley
Gilberts Elementary Ronda Randl Angelina Piotrowski 
Dundee Highlands Elementary Sheree Raue Eileen Parochelli
Liberty Elementary Michelle Orchard Rick Bockenhauer
Westfield Community Kelli Hager Felix Contreras 
Sleepy Hollow Elementary Misty Palazzo Cristina Paniagua
Jacobs High Kevin Christian Charlene Gaul
Lake in the Hills Elementary Erica Kile Donna Cigrang


Stay tuned!  We will post more nominee names after we have surprised them in their classroom.  


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